Reverend Tucker's photo Reverend Nancy Tucker exemplifies the meaning of the Great Commission by being filled with the Holy Spirit, delivering God’s Word, and edifying and enriching the hearts and minds of women!

         As a teenager living at the foot of a mountain in Lynchburg, VA, the apostolic call of God permeated Reverend Tucker’s spirit. She immediately took-up the Cross and began her Christian journey — immersing herself in God’s Word, gaining solid Biblical training, being anointing by the Holy Spirit with the gifts of exhortation and intercessory prayer.

         Along her path she counseled women, ministered to prisoners, witnessed to the public, led group prayers. With altruistic ambition she committed herself to the rescue, restoration, and recovery of the hearts and souls of women.

         For God’s divine purposes, Reverend Nancy Tucker moved northward to the Washington, DC metropolitan area where she continued to strengthen her Biblical knowledge, expand her ministry activities, and fulfill goals as God had instructed.

         You’ll frequently find her compassionately taking women by both hands to pray for them and guide them toward hope, healing, and deliverance.

         Reverend Tucker later took her ministry to Charles County, MD where she became a member of Calvary Gospel Church. There she oftentimes conducts Small Group Women’s Bible Studies that ignite the minds and spirits of women for a life filled with empowerment.

         Nancy leads fundraising events: Raising funds for women’s causes like domestic violence and breast cancer. She taught children’s church, served as a Director of Women’s Ministry, instructed Wednesday Night Bible Studies for teenage girls, and serves as a teacher at Vacation Bible School.

         Reverend Tucker often speaks at Youth Conferences, churches, and special events hosted by nonprofit associations. Nancy serves as a Conference Workshop Facilitator, and participates in a weekly special intercessory prayer session for ministry leaders, families, and the USA.

         She received her license to minister from Calvary Gospel Church under the leadership of Dr. John Warren and Dr. Timothy Wood. Reverend Tucker is Founder and President of Door of Hope Ministries, Inc. This nonprofit organization is Christian faith-based and is dedicated to Improving the Quality of Life for Women. The company offers broken women help, hope, healing, and wholeness using Biblical teachings and counseling along with providing women with basic necessities and life-skills education.

         Nancy earned an Associate of Biblical Studies from Logos Christian College. From Calvary Christian College, she earned a Bachelor of Biblical Studies and a Master of Theology. She also has a Certificate in Biblical Counseling & Women’s Ministry from Extraordinary Women.

         Reverend Tucker is devoted, from the innermost areas of her heart to the outermost thoughts of her mind, to empowering women’s spirit with the Word. As directed by the Holy Spirit, her mission is helping women establish a devout relationship with God; helping women discover their purpose for the will of God; helping women find their gifts to use in building the Kingdom of God; even uplifting women for the glory of God.

         From the glow of her genuine and abiding faith in Christ, you can see the Light of God shining upon the world through Reverend Nancy Tucker!