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         Here's a brief overview of how Door Of Hope Ministries can be a pivotal point in your life...

         Throughout our society, many women face difficult situations and obstacles that limit their capacity to maximize their full potential. While these situations and obstacles affect our society as a whole, they also negatively impact the lives of individual women. Often in devastating ways.

         Door of Hope Ministries understands the particular kinds of frustration, confusion, pain, and suffering unique to women. Being a nonprofit women's ministry built by and for women, we know the innate characteristics of a woman...as only women can.

          As His servants we take great care in doing our best to serve you! Our foundation is Almighty God. Our structure is faith in Him.

         Door Of Hope Ministries uses a holistic approach, which ministers to the mind, body, and soul. This approach encompasses:

  • Rescue:  For many women, our services begin with a rescue, either in the physical or emotional sense... With Rescue comes Help.

  • Restoration:  For individuals to fully realize their potential, their lives must be restored; in right fellowship with God, their families, and key individuals in their
    With Restoration comes Hope.

  • Recovery:  After being rescued and experiencing restoration in their lives, recovery can begin. Through an individualized approach to recovery, women can access a variety of supportive services and community-based referrals to develop key areas of their lives... With Recovery comes Healing.